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Hansraj Raghuwanshi Biography – Family, Carrier, Girlfriend 2019



Hansraj Raghuwanshi Biography 1

Most of You know Hansraj Raghuwanshi by the name of Baba Ji and I am sure that You might have heard his songs “Mera Bhola Hai Bhandari Kare Nandi Ki Swari” and there are numerous song He released so many times after his first song which was “Baba Ji”

Lets see little Info Here about Our Baba Ji.

Biography Of Hansraj

Full Name Hansraj Raghuwanshi
Date of Birth18 July 1992
Nickname Hanshu & Baba Ji
Age26 As per Year 2019
BirthplaceKander (Baga) District Solan (Himachal Pradesh), India
CityDistrict Solan ( Himachal Pradesh ), India
ProfessionSinger, Writer, Composer
Collage & University MSLM college Sundernagar (DropOut)
Father Name Prem Raghuwanshi
Mother Name Leela Raghuwanshi
Siblings Manjeet and Seema
Debut Song – YearBaba Ji – 2016
Popular songs (Hits) Babaji, Ganga, Parinda, Fakira, Babul , Kinare
Best Friends Vinay Verma, Shubham and Ajex
Girlfriend Komal Saklani

Hansraj Raghuwanshi
Hansraj Raghuwanshi Playing guitar

You might have heard about dropout, some of them succeed but some of them fade away as well. Today we are going to meet this awesome person who has gone this far that His Video on Youtube Hits over 60 Millions views in just 2 months.

Hansraj Raghuwanshi also known as Baba Ji amoung his friends and his fans was born in Kander which is in Himachal pradesh. He has passion of writing with the help of which he climbed his signing carrier. He has given numerous Hits On YouTube like Ganga Kinare which has 11 Millions views along with Damru Wala which has 63 Million views and Many people have appreciated this song.

We are thankful of www.wearehimachali and Hansraj Raghuwanshi because of them we are doing this interview, This is the English translation of the interview that happen in past with Hansraj Raghuwanshi.

Presenting Hansraj Raghuwanshi .

Interviewer Hansraj

Q1. First of all, tell us how come people started calling you Babaji?
I took admission in MSLM college Sundernagar in 2010 then I left the college and went to Delhi where I started doing some jobs but It didn’t suit so I returned back to my place here All of my classmates and other friends already have been moved on. At that time I started doing the job in the college canteen Back then I have a lot of passion to write I still have thou. I wrote one song at that time I named it as “Baba Ji”. Whenever People and teacher used to hear this song they always appreciate it, I felt I should record this song and that’s how I got the Nick Name
Baba Ji.
Q2. When did you release your first song?I released the song ( Baba Ji) in 2016, it reached to 70k Views but due to the some Youtube policies it got deleted, then I tried uploading it again, this time it reached 35k views but again it got deleted, again I posted again It reached more than 1 Lakh views but deleted but Now uploaded this song on the channel iSur studios and It reached more than 2 Millions views hits and on another channel it got approx 5 Lakh views.
Q3. Many People questions about your content what do you want to say about that?Whatever you do Criticism will be there but doesn’t mean its bad. As an artist, I have to take care of public demand after releasing the song – Baba Ji in 2016 I released the song Amma Ji that was a folk song after that I released Parinda,
Shimla di choriyo and babul but they didn’t got that much response. I wrote these songs by my heart and sung by heart. People appreciate and criticize too but that’s nature, I don’t feel bad some people will always try to demoralize but I don’t bother
Q4. Whats your most favorite song?My favorite song is Baba Ji because that will never happen again
Q5. Apart from the criticism, the people who supported you like your family, friends what do you want to say about them?I always got full support from my family, they never stopped me for anything. I can’t thank them enough. Second my friends Vinay verma who worked with me at the canteen, Shubham and ajex they all supported me as well.
Q7. When did you get your Life’s turning point?11 September 2017, when she (Komal Saklani) came into my life, she changed everything. My whole environment got filled with positivity and I got more focused in my work. Whatever I have achieved is because of her support and inspiration.
Q8. Many people use your content for Youtube video, what do you want to say?Before releasing the song I was mine but after the release It was all yours, I am happy to see all the love and support.
Q9. In the End , Would you like to say something for your fans and for the readers who are reading this interview?To Fans, I want to say only “You are my
everything, You are my bhole, You are my Ram”. They are my everything. I am not a big famous person the love that you people gave made me big. Keep on doing the same love and support because of your love I am alive, thanks a lot for all the views. Sometimes People generally made a bad opinion of someone because of the wrong information all I want to say that please talk to me then make your opinion.

He is also going to release this debut Bollywood songs As You can see his recent picture with Sunny Deol

 Hansraj Raghuwanshi with Suny Deol
Hansraj Raghuwanshi with Suny Deol

So Guys this was the fun Interview about Hansraj Raghuwanshi Biography . I really hope you enjoyed it So Yes Please do comment and share so that More people be aware of his talent.

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