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[SUPER] Tamilgun new website – All Link Updated 2019 – New Arrest News



Tamilgun new website

Introduction – What really is tamilgun and tamil rockers ?

Tamilgun and tamilrockers are the websites which are famous for piracy of the Movies which includes Bollywood, Tollywood ( Telugu movies ), Kollywood ( Kannada movies), Other Region movies along with Hollywood movies.

People often search keyword as Tamilgun new website, tamil gun, tamilmv new link, telugu movies download, online movies telugu, tamilrockers latest and various keywords terms just to find out the Best Website to download Movies.

This is highly illegal in India to leak upcoming files/Movies because Product who invest in these films loses all the money because of the piracy of the film

These websites provide films to movies lovers at no cost because they released/pirate the film just after the Official realized in the theater.

Many people are having hard time to watch new films because of the time schedules and also they don’t want to spend money, so rather they use google to search keywords like tamilrockers new link 2019 , tamilrockers new link , tamilrockers latest url and tamilgun new website, etc

But Due to the fact that it is highly illegal in India that’s mean its all against the law, No people have the right to realize/leaked the film until and unless they are film producers.

They put thousands of money into the film so that they can entertain us in return they want their money back, in addition, some additional profit but

…People like these try to realize the film which results in heavy loss to the film industries to avoid that Police and government are working together to sort out the problem of the film industry.

Its all started in 2011 by some Group of People they are Indian but they don’t live in India as a results Police and government can never catch these guys Anyway we will continue these things later. First let’s start from tamilgun new website .

Tamilgun new website link 2019

According to the News, these are the website links which are Active

100% Link working
tamilrockers. ws (don’t forget to put https:// before the URL)
tamilrockers . la
tamilrockerrs .pl
tamilgun .io
tamilrockers .cc
tamilrockers .co

Redirecting Websites To tamilrockers website :

These are the website which we found Redirecting to the tamilrockerrs .pl

tamilrockers .be
tamilrockers .pm
tamilrockers .ws
tamilrockers .lu
tamilrockers .la
tamilrockers .cl
tamilrockers .mu
tamilrockers .ph
tamilrockers .gy
tamilrockers .cl
tamilrockers .tv
tamilrockers .com
tamilrockers .co
tamilrockers .net

Indian Government banned many tamilgun new websites and old one too because as You might know this is against the law and If someone found doing this He might have to pay 50 thousand – 2 Lakh Rs with 2 Year in Jail.

So As You might have thought this is a very serious issue this is why the admin of tamilgun and tamilrockers got arrested (some ).

If You like to Find out tamilrockers new-website link 2019 updated Just like Here . Below See the video How to find out How you can surf tamilrockers, tamilgun/tamilyogi without Any VPN/PROXY.

Video – How To Find Tamilrocker and Tamilgun/Tamiyogi Website URL Link without VPN-Proxy

Tamilgun – Tamilrocker Admin Arrested ?

Yes This is true , They got arrested. According to the Kerala police on 13th March, 2018 they arrested the members of two biggest privacy group tamilgun and tamilrockers , due to the illegal release of the movies.

The Anti Piracy cell of Kerala police arrested 5 members in total amoung 3 of them belong tamilrockers and 2 of them belongs to the dvd rockers.

Karthi, who assumed to be the Admin According to the police got arrested along with fellow piracy member Prabhu and Suresh from the place Villupuram.

Police searched for them for a long time. Dvdrockers is accused of the illegal release of the Malayam Film ramleela Last year, Just after the release in theater. In Kerala, there are overall 7 cases registered against tamilrockers.

Karthi was assumed to be admin of tamilrockers has earned more than Rs 1 Crore in the past few months.

These all five people have been found guilty under the copyright Act and IT Act.

Before this, A guy named Guari shanker was known to manage the website like tamilrocker and tamilgun was arrested. After the long search and sleepness, nights Reports says.

They also spent lot of money to find these groups . After the long online and offline research they are able to find these guys.

See What Actor Vishal is saying on all this scene

These Members of the Tamilrocker and tamilgun has been seen aboard because they can walk free on the foreign region without being worry about the police arrest.

A way before Press released the pictures of these guys .

Below You can see the picture of these guys , How they look

As You can see these guys working behind the computers to released or in better words They pirate the movies.

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